Tebbi Media

Welcome to Tebbi Media, a top-tier, full service marketing and production company taking you from optimizing your business to producing content and running ads & funnels to exceed your goals.

Our key tool in providing growth and 10-20% increase in revenue is through effective, targeted video content. But before we can get there, we have to ensure a business, whether a dental practice or law firm, is optimized to grow and successfully receive an influx of clients.
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"We had them take care of our ad campaign and they went above and beyond with everything. Really pleased with the results and plan on continuing our relationship."

"Arash has been our go-to guy for a while and he delivers time and time again. I can't imagine working with anyone else."

"He just understands our goals. He meets our deadlines. He anticipates our next move. Thank you Arash for making life easier. Everyone here is happy with your work."

How Does it Work

Simple and precise, we make sure your practice or business is optimized. Once optimized, we come up with a video content strategy, including commercials and a series of effective videos designed to target and bring in more clients. Once we have the videos produced, we use funnels and ads to specifically target those who can benefit from service or product, so every dollar you spend brings in more.

Our Strategy

With over 12 years of experience, we've perfected a strategy that allows us to help service-driven businesses succeed in developing an effective growth plan. We begin by evaluating first to ensure a business is optimized for growth, and then we set up a strategy with video content, ads, and funnels to achieve your goal in the predetermined timeline. In order to prevent competition within our clients, we only work with one type of business per zip code.

"We turned to Tebbi Media to extend our marketing and pr business units, we were pleasantly surprised with the level of experience, vision, and focus that was brought to the table. We were able to formulate our marketing/pr strategy for our new product offering and developed a unique ad campaign for to implement our commercial on social media. You've got yourself a customer forever. Thank you for everything."

"Looked it over on the iPhone and it looks incredible. Thank you again for all the hard work and professionalism"

Connect with Us

Set up a direct consultation so that we can determine if we're the right fit for your team. We can't promise we'll be the right team for you, but if we do accept, I, Arash Tebbi, will personally be accessible to you throughout the entire process.