Tebbi Media

Welcome to Tebbi Media, a top-tier, full service marketing and production company taking you from scripting to commercial production, to complete funnel and ad creation.

For 2021, we are seeking 3 qualifying businesses in San Diego or Orange County, and offering our complete ad campaign for free! We'll script, film, and edit a series of commercials, create your funnel including the landing page, and order form, if necessary. All you have to do is pay for the ad spend and maintenance. We'll handle everything! No long term contracts, and cancel at any time. To find out if you qualify, fill out the form below and we'll get back to your shortly!

How Does it Work

You want your practice or business to grow and reach new eyes, right? We're here to make that happen from day 1. We utilize videos with our 3 pronged approach to specifically get you in front of those looking for you! We only work with one specialty per zip code, and only with businesses in good standing. We've worked with law firms, dentists, ice cream shops, health care providers, e-commerce clients, realtors, law enforcement, and more!

Our Strategy

With over 12 years of experience, we've gathered the best tools and observed which ones are most successful for specific businesses. Television used to reign king in the 90s- it has long been dethroned. The internet is also a broad place- the right videos, utilized at the right time and placed at the right places, can create a momentum to boost revenue while also eliminating competition. Our methods are used to push your commercials through a funnel to target more qualified clients, saving you ad spend in the long run.

Connect with Us

I, Arash Tebbi, the owner of Tebbi Media, will be accessible and alongside you through every step to ensure maximum focus and care is given to you and your strategy. Allow me to meet with you for a consultation to share more in depth how everything works, what we've done for others, and to address any questions and reservations you may have.