Tebbi Media

Welcome to Tebbi Media, a top-tier, no nonsense, full service production and marketing company utilizing video SEO and our perfected "Flood Method" to maximize your audience and increase revenue specifically for dentists, doctors, and personal injury attorneys.

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How Does it Work

You want your practice to grow and reach new eyes, right? We're here to make that happen from day 1. We utilize videos as they are the most effective means of connecting with your audience and providing content in your area and specialty.

Our Strategy

With over 10 years of experience, we've gathered the best tools and observed which ones are most successful for specific businesses. Television used to reign king in the 90s- it has been dethroned. The internet is also a broad place- the right videos, utilized at the right time and placed at the right places, can create a momentum to boost revenue while also eliminating competition. We'll go into detail about our "Flood Method," and how we can take you from the pre-production point of your plan, to producing a series of videos, and where to strategically place them.

Connect with Us

I, Arash Tebbi, the owner of Tebbi Media, will be accessible and alongside you through every step to ensure maximum focus and care is given to you and your practice. Allow me to meet with you for a consultation to share more in depth how everything works, what we've done for others, and to address any questions and reservations you may have.